Donate to the Light of Literacy Project

During my time at the light of literacy project, hurricane Sandy ripped through the state of New York, wiping out many homes and business. One of these belonged to an Indian businesswoman whose sponsorship was responsible for most of the work the project does. Not long after this Dalia, the projects founder, discovered that she was about to be made redundant from her job in nuclear disarmament. 

These were catastrophic blows to the project and left its future in the balance.

I have returned home to try to raise the money needed each month to cover: 

  • the rent of the room; 
  • school fees; 
  • food costs; 
  • and other expenses. 
Without this support the project will undoubtedly fail and 60 children will find themselves back on the rubbish dumps picking plastic and rags alongside their parents. These are children whose personalities I now know and whose future I know will be enhanced by the continuation of the work the project does.

You can help by donating a small (or better still very large ;-) amount through the donation button above, please just follow the instructions.

You can also donate at The Cafe Royal, Annan or by calling me, Gary Swainson, on 07900531032 and I will happily discuss any fundraising ideas.