About the Light of Literacy Project

Thank you for my pencils
The light of literacy project (also known as the Navjagriti collective) was born in 1991, free from religious or political affiliation, its aim was to create public awareness and change attitudes towards children living on the streets of Delhi.

Beginning as a 12 member street theater group and with the supervision of its founders Tapan and Dalia Kar the centers aim was to help educate street and slum children and enable them to gain access to education and future long term employment

The center also identifies children in danger or in need of help and guidence and bring them to the project. Here they can be encouraged to participate in lessons, have a meal and discuss the problems that led to them running away from home, ultimately it is hoped that they will be reunited with their families.

There are many reasons that children find themselves on the street, these can range from abuse at home, abandonment or the death of parents. Once on the street however, children are vulnerable to becoming part of organised gangs, developing solvent addictions, being forced into crime or prostitution or simply fail to be able to feed themselves.

The project shelters these children, houses them where necessary and provided a safe and loving environment where they can begin to rebuild trust and a safe and solid future.